Mia Colona is a Los Angeles based Marketing Consultant and Content Creator, working with top-tier brands in the fashion, beauty, design, and lifestyle categories.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Many brands recognize the importance of influencer marketing, but aren’t quite sure where to begin or how to build a long-term strategy that drives trackable results.

Mia’s expertise is unique in that she understands the ins and outs of influencer marketing through the lens of both an influencer and a brand. Her strength lies in brand storytelling through thoughtful influencer campaign concepts rather than solely focusing on product promotion.

By aligning your brand with the right digital influencers, her goal is to create meaningful conversations while driving conversions, increasing awareness, and generating purposeful content.

Creative Consulting

The crucial components to successful branding are cohesive messaging and art direction. Whether you’re looking to develop your brand voice, create more compelling visuals, or are in need of fresh ideas on how to use to content to drive commerce, Mia will help identify and tackle your individual needs. Her 360 approach combines creative thinking with thoughtful solutions to sharpen the way consumers experience your brand. She has worked with global brands as well as start-ups and understands how to navigate creative needs at scale.

Content Creation

The key function of content is to talk to consumers in a way that is both thought-starting and visually compelling. In today’s noisy digital landscape, your content needs to stand out in order to be impactful — a challenge that Mia has always welcomed.

Throughout her career, she has created custom content for brands ranging from viral beauty videos to female empowerment focused fashion campaigns. From ideation to completion, Mia helps brands identify their authentic creative vision and bring it to life through original, social-first content creation.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is not only an integral community building tool, but it is often the first touchpoint consumers have with your brand. When a consumer lands on your Instagram account, what does your grid say about you?

Everything from your captions to the way you filter your images create an aesthetic that is uniquely yours. If you’re struggling with look and feel, content direction, growth, or just want to ensure you’re implementing best practices, Mia’s expertise can help get you out of your social media rut. Together, you’ll audit your current and active channels, list out definitive goals, and create a well-rounded strategy to optimize and track results.